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The most expensive hotel in the UAE, Aman Dubai, will open in 2027

Aman Resorts, the renowned ultra-premium hotel chain headquartered in Switzerland, is set to make its mark in Dubai with the unveiling of its inaugural boutique resort. Nestled along the iconic Jumeirah Beach, this eagerly anticipated project promises a luxurious retreat unlike any other in the bustling city. While specific pricing details remain under wraps, anticipation builds for what is...

Dubai Real Estate Market Heats Up: Experts Assure No Bubble in Sight

Experts assert that while Dubai's real estate market is currently "a bit hot," it isn't hurtling towards a bubble or an imminent catastrophic crash. In 2023, residential sales prices surged by 20 percent in the emirate, with city-wide rents climbing 9 percent higher, according to the latest findings by Cushman & Wakefield Core. Despite this, Dubai remains comparatively more affordable per...

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