Karim Moustaine

Strategic Partnership Manager at HN Global Investment

  • Agent License: 37597
  • Service Areas: Canada, United Arab Emirates
  • Specialties: Fashion Innovation, Client Relationship Management

About Karim Moustaine

Meet Karim Moustaine, the visionary founder of Moustaine, a premier fashion company specializing in bespoke Italian-style suits for both men and women. His unparalleled expertise and innovative designs have earned him the trust of HN Global Investment, where he crafts exquisite suits for their entire team and esteemed clients.

Karim’s journey began with the inception of his family business, igniting his passion for fashion and craftsmanship. Fluent in French, English, and Moroccan dialect, he connects effortlessly with a diverse clientele, ensuring each suit is tailored to perfection.

Karim’s exceptional listening skills and attention to detail allow him to understand clients’ desires and elevate their expectations with additional bespoke touches. His dedication to quality and customer satisfaction positions him as a key figure in high-end fashion, driving the success of Moustaine.

As part of his collaboration with HN Global Investment, Karim ensures that every major purchase made by their clients is celebrated with a bespoke suit, gifted by the HN team. This unique offering not only enhances client relationships but also showcases Karim’s commitment to excellence and style, solidifying his reputation in the world of luxury fashion.

Language: French, English & Moroccan

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