Hocine-Arilas Bennaceur

Co-Founder at HN Global Investment

  • Agent License: 37597
  • Service Areas: Canada, United Arab Emirates
  • Specialties: Primary and Secondary Markets, Luxury Properties, Lands and Commercial Spaces

About Hocine-Arilas Bennaceur

As one of the visionary Co-founders of HN Global Investment, Hocine-Arilas Bennaceur
spearheads the company’s ascent in the real estate sector with impressive metrics and a unique
blend of expertise.

Originating from Montreal, Canada, Hocine, an Algerian native, channels a cultural
tapestry into the company’s fabric. Armed with a stellar Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he
seamlessly integrates a nuanced understanding of human behavior into real estate strategies.

With a proven track record, Hocine thrives in multifaceted roles, contributing to operational
excellence, strategic marketing initiatives, and cultivating client relationships. As a Co-founder,
he has been instrumental in steering HN Global Investment to monumental heights, marked by
substantial growth metrics and a distinctive presence in the industry.

Language: English, French

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